The current economy has been tough on a lot of people.  People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and struggling to make ends meet.  But there are a TON of resources out there to help turn that around for you and your family.  Even if you haven’t been negatively impacted by this economy, it can never hurt to earn more, save more, and get more money savvy.

Think you’re doing just fine – feeling pretty confident?  Did you know there are 9 Million millionaires in the United States?  Why not set a goal to join those ranks?

No matter what your starting point, Saving to be Rich provides tips, insights, deals, and coupons to families that are interested in improving their financial situation.  Subscribe now so you don’t miss out!

About Me

I’m a working mom in Colorado with a decent job, 3 kids, and my 10 year wedding anniversary this year.  We are comfortable but are no where close to being wealthy.   I decided that we never would be unless we made getting money smart a priority and tracked our progress.

The goal of Saving to be Rich is to build a community of financially savvy, money smart people sharing their successes and failures and becoming smarter together.

Everything money related is on the table for discussion:

  • earning more,
  • saving more,
  • investing,
  • ridding yourself of debt,
  • spending wisely,
  • and the periodic deal, coupon, or freebie.

Comments, advice, questions, or just the random “howdy” are welcome and I encourage you to contact me via email at admin@SavingtobeRich.com, facebook, or twitter anytime.