3 FREE Tax Preparation Help & Filing Resources in Colorado & National

taxclock 300x225 3 FREE Tax Preparation Help & Filing Resources in Colorado & National

The Denver Asset Building Coalition (DABC) will have free tax preparation for qualifying individuals and families.  No appointment is necessary.  Open from 12pm to 4pm weekdays – January 27th through April 7th.  Visit DenverABC.org or call 303-388-7030 if you have questions and to determine what you should bring with you.


Jefferson County Campus

Laramie Building, Suite 1300

100 Jefferson County Parkway

Golden, CO

Also, you can prepare and file for free on H&R Block or Turbo Tax. Links below.

367717 image631806511276284 3 FREE Tax Preparation Help & Filing Resources in Colorado & National 3 FREE Tax Preparation Help & Filing Resources in Colorado & National

 3 FREE Tax Preparation Help & Filing Resources in Colorado & National

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