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Free isn't completely free.

I love “buying” free items using coupons.  It is such fun to come home and say – “Hey, hon, guess how much this was!”

But, I was reminded recently, that although the prices are definitely close to free, they aren’t actually $0 out of pocket.  Why not?

You have to pay taxes on the items.  

If you read the fine print of most coupons, they say:

..customer must pay sales tax…

This means they aren’t 100% free – even when your receipt says you saved 100%.

For example, I included my receipt from buying two free Got2B products last week.   As shown, although they were on sale for $3 and I used a $3 coupon, I still paid $0.48.

Is paying $0.48 a big deal?  Of course not.  But there is a reason I’m bringing this up.

IF you are buying items you will use and would normally buy, then paying only the tax on those items is a huge discount over what you would have spent.

However, I find myself – and I know I’m not alone – buying things just because they are free.

Although my pantry is pretty well stocked, I am not a hoarder like the people you see on Extreme Couponing.  Rather, I give my “free” products – the ones we won’t use – to charity and to friends.

I love sending friends home with goodie bags of hygiene products (tons of toothpaste and deodorant) and showing them how to buy free items.  I love being able to donate loads of food and hygiene items to charity every year.  However, there is a cost to these free items – albeit a small cost – there is still a cost.

For every free tube of toothpaste I donate to charity or give away to friends, I spend $0.09.  The free Got2B hair products I gave away?  I spent $0.24 on each of them.

That means I can give away 12 tubes of toothpaste for $1.08 versus buying one tube for $1.09 and giving it away – but it is still $1 out of my pocket.

I am OK with this expense and will continue to buy the freebies and give them away.

But, if you are on a super tight budget, I want you to be aware that there is a cost to these free products.

If you won’t use it, then don’t buy it.  




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  1. Adhriene says:

    I agree with it…Tax is really inevitable and we are all aware with it…Sometimes, we are really more observant with this…
    Adhriene recently posted..Sharepoint HostingMy Profile

  2. Shanel says:

    This was a great post. We have things in common, buying free products, LOL.
    Shanel recently posted..Low Carb Diets That WorkMy Profile

  3. Liz says:

    Every time I go to grocery, first thing I looked for is the free items. Thanks for posting this.
    Liz recently posted..Hcg diet reviewsMy Profile

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