Future Fortified ~ Improving Nutrition for Moms and Children Around the World

gain rtm Future Fortified ~ Improving Nutrition for Moms and Children Around the World

As a woman, I am very fortunate to have been born in America.

I hear about public stoning, genital mutilation, sex slaves and am grateful to be in a country that respects my rights as a human being.  But when I try to imagine other realities my life could have taken – worse than enduring atrocities against my own person, would be watching my children starve to death before my very eyes.

I see the eyes of mothers whose children’s bellies are distended from being malnourished.  I see the dullness in their stares and can’t imagine the pain they must feel.

Did I do anything to earn the leg up I’ve been given purely by the location of my birth?  No.

Do I feel blessed and want to do what I can to improve the lives of women and children across the globe?  Yes.

The very basics need to be addressed first though.  Food and water.

Global Nutrition

In my comfortable world of soccer moms, back yard BBQ’s, and wondering if we can afford a new car in the next few years – it is very difficult to imagine families wondering if they will be able to find food to eat today, or even this week.  Yet the global numbers are staggering:

  • 2 billion people lack proper nutrition
  • 33% of childhood deaths are due to maternal and child undernourishment
  • 60% of developing countries are physically stunted due to their diet

On the flip side:

  • investing in nutrition can increase a country’s GDP by 2 to 3%
  • good nutrition in a child’s first 1,000 days (pregnancy included) increases their health, their intelligence and their earning potential

GAIN and Future Fortified

Gain and Future Fortified are working to improve these numbers.

Future Fortified is a campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). We help millions of women and children in developing countries get access to the essential nutrients they need to lead healthy, enriched lives. Our goal is to increase access to improved nutrition for 50 million women and children by 2015.

Learn more on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is driven by a vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN supports public-private partnerships to increase access to the essentials nutrients that help make people, communities and economies stronger and healthier. With a current reach of more than 500 million people in more than 30 countries, GAIN’s goal is to improve the lives of one billion people within the most vulnerable populations around the world through access to sustainable nutrition solutions.

One of the tools in the Future Fortified arsenal is Home Nutrition Packets.  They are small packets of nutrients (costing as little as $0.03 each) that moms can add to a meal to help balance out the family’s diet.  The packets are tailored to the diet and food sources of specific regions to augment the native foods.  The intent is a simple method of increasing nutrition that is affordable and sustainable.

What do you think of this approach?  Think it will work?  Do you have other ideas?

Future Fortified Infographic Future Fortified ~ Improving Nutrition for Moms and Children Around the World

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf Future Fortified. I received no compensation for this post; however, because of my review Mom Central donated $20 to the FutureFortified campaign.

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