January Wealth Building Report

piggy 300x300 January Wealth Building ReportPassive Income & Savings

I am really looking forward to becoming more aggressive with my investing strategy in 2012, but I haven’t quite started yet.  In fact, I am really just getting back up to speed on tracking my receipts for coupon savings.

Total Saved via Couponing = $539.85  (49%)

I spent a ton on groceries during January – kids were out of school for a portion of it, we hosted a couple of football parties, and I stocked my pantry after using up my stockpile during the Fall.

The total saved from a combination of store sales and coupons is shown above.

Only the dollars saved from coupons I clipped are being counted toward the wealth building account.  My reasoning being that I would have bought the items on sale anyway (store savings) and the only extra I earned is the coupons I clipped.

Total Saved Using Coupons = $194.43

Added to Wealth Building Account – $194.43

Stocks = $0

I bought 140 shares of SPWR on December 12, 2011.  However, since I’m just now catching up on my monthly wealth building reports, I am going to save the change in stock price for the February 2012 report tally.  (Sneek peek – as of 2/13 – it is up 14%)

Wealth Building Account – $0

Craigslist – $37

I sold a pet carrier and a dog crate (both of which I bought at Goodwill on their 50% off days).

Pet Carrier – $25 (paid $5) – net $20

Dog Crate – $25 (paid $8) – net $17

Wealth Building Account – Plus $37

Piggy Bank Savings

When I pay cash for things I put the change (coins) into a piggy bank.  During January I deposited that money into my kids’ college accounts.

Wealth Building Account – Plus $32.33

TOTAL added to STBR Wealth Building Acct = $263.76

How did you do this month?

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  1. What a great way to track each month. I love the spare change idea
    susie my socal life recently posted..Copy-Kids -New DVD Gets Kids Hooked on Eating Fruits & Vegetables!My Profile

    • Daria says:

      It’s amazing how easy the spare change is Susie and yet it adds up! I”m using ours for added college account monies because I’ve been behind on contributing to them, but you could use it for anything – vacation, new furniture, computer, iPad, whatever…. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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