2011 Catch Up Wealth Building Report

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I’ve  been lax racking my savings and actively pursuing our wealth building over the holidays.  Playing catch up with this post to start 2012 with a clean slate.  This report summarizes October, November and December 2011 activities (although only partially since I haven’t tracked them very well).

To clarify, only the dollars saved because of new behaviors since starting this blog are counting toward the Saving to be Rich results.

Total Saved via Couponing = $668.12  (45%)

October – $286.68 total ($42.79 paper coupons)

November – $236.90 total ($39.96 paper coupons)

December – $144.54 total ($33 paper coupons)

The total saved from a combination of store sales and coupons is shown above.

Only the dollars saved from coupons I clipped are being counted toward the wealth building account however.  My reasoning being that I would have bought the items on sale anyway (store savings) and the only extra I earned is the coupons I clipped.

Total Saved Using Coupons = $115.75

Added to Wealth Building Account – $115.75

Stocks = $0

I didn’t track these during this time, so will all be tallied with Feb 2012 report.

Wealth Building Account – $0

Craigslist – $65

I sold a variety of things on Craigslist -

  • sled $25,
  • toys $20,
  • basketball hoop $20,

Wealth Building Account – Plus $65

TOTAL Added to STBR Wealth Building Acct = $180.75

How did you do this Fall?

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