Money Smart Tip: A Credit Card Without Debt Worry

 Money Smart Tip:  A Credit Card Without Debt Worry It only takes a few seconds to find 1,000′s of articles on the web about the evil of credit cards and why you should cut your cards up.

This is not one of those articles. 

Although I firmly believe you should live within your means and definitely advocate against getting yourself into debt, the reality is that a credit card has become a necessity in today’s world.  Therefore, I can not recommend you open your wallet right this minute and take a pair of scissors to every credit card in there.

Using a Credit Card

Don’t get me wrong – accumulating debt is nota necessity and there are very few circumstances under which I would recommend taking on debt.  But, I do believe a credit card is necessary.  

For things like:

  1. Buying plane tickets online,
  2. Renting a car, and
  3. Reserving a hotel room.

Alternative to Debt Accruing Credit Card

If you can’t have a credit card without maxing it out…

If you can’t resist “just putting it on the card” even if you don’t have the money in the bank to pay for it…

If you struggle with wanting a credit card for convenience, but worry about taking on debt…

If you are sending a kid off to college and worry about them going on a shopping spree…

Then, it may be worth checking into a cash card.

Visa offers you the option of funding a credit card in advance.  Basically you put some money on it – $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you feel comfortable spending.  You pay for it in advance and then can use the card just like a credit card without worrying about overspending or accumulating debt.  Perfect solution for having the convenience of a credit card without the worry of spending too much.

You can apply for this type of card here.  It’s 100% approval rate, so don’t worry about qualifying.  You will.

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