Good Clean Stand Up Comedy

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When I was a kid I remember my parents calling me into the living room and telling me I HAD to watch this show.

Turns out, the show they found so hilarious was Bill Cosby – Himself. I must admit that I loved that comedy routine too. Of course I wouldn’t let my parents know I enjoyed it – I was a teenager after all. The better than McDonald’s bit, the push em out, shove em out, waaaay out skit about giving birth. It was hilarious. Best part? It was hilarious without a single cuss word or negative comment.

I really love that type of comedy and think it takes true talent to be funny with good, clean, family friendly humor. To make a joke that 10 year olds and 90 year olds alike think is funny? That is genius.

This type of clean family humor is what I discovered in American Family Insurance‘s recent Stand Up For Family Comedy Special. There are multiple skits by 5 talented performers discussing the day to day things that we all experience, but when told the right way give us the gift of laughter.

The comics involved in this effort include:

  • Bill Bellamy
  • Rodney Perry
  • Mark Viera
  • Donnell Rawlings
  • Tony Roberts

If you are looking for family funnies like the esp moms all seem to have, the trials of being the worst kid on the football team, and other familiy friendly stories, then look no further than this AmFam Comedy Special.

 Good Clean Stand Up Comedy

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