Walmart has Lunch Boxes for $2

IMAG0713 300x180 Walmart has Lunch Boxes for $2I like to give my kids a new lunch box each school year.  Most of the time they hold up all year, but by the end of a school season they just seem grungy.  However, rather than pay $8 to $10 for one before school starts, I wait until school supplies go on clearance at Walmart or Target and snag a new lunch box for 75% off.

I was in Walmart today and all of their lunch boxes are clearanced out to $2 – so if you’ve been waiting for clearance too, or just want to get one now and save it for next year – it’s a good time to go.

I’m  not sure if this is just regional (the store I was in was 92nd and Sheridan in Westminster), but most chain stores tend to start their clearance sales around the same time.

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