Helping Kids Thrive – FREE Conference

JCMH has an annual conference dedicated to helping parents raise their kids more successfully and deal with some of the issues that come up as we travel along this parenting journey.

The conference is FREE (one of my favorite words), but space is limited so you need to RSVP.   They will also provide supervision and pizza for your kids while you attend!  (must be potty trained)

Conference Details:

When:  October 20th, 2011

Where:  Creighton Middle School

75 Independence St.

Lakewood, Colorado

Cost:  FREE

You can select two of the following topic sessions which are presented in both English and Spanish:

  • The Early Years:  Creating a blueprint for success
  • The Elementary Years:  Foundation for Healthy Growth
  • Empowering Successful Kids; Raising Confident, Caring Young People
  • The Teen Year:  Framing Boundaries and Expectations
  • Separation and Divorce:  Working as a Parenting Team
  • Blending Families Roundtable
  • Texting, Facebook and Cyberbullying..Oh My!
  • Food, Fun, Family!

Deadline for registration is Friday, October 14th.

More information can be found:

  • 303.432.5156

3 Responses to Helping Kids Thrive – FREE Conference

  1. Candice Harner-Neff says:

    Actually I am the Grandmother of a 13 year old girl.
    I have been a huge part of her life from the day she was born. Her Daddy (my son) lost his battle to cancer
    last November. Both during his illness and and since his passing, my roll is even more needed.
    Anything I can do to help her, not only get through all of that, but to help her prepare for her future is my number one concern. I appreciate so much that you are offering these classes to give me the tools to do the best job I possibly can for her sake and for my son as that was his last wish and main concern
    since he would not be here to fill those needs himself.

    Candice Harner-Neff

    • Daria says:

      Hi Candice,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I can’t imagine losing a child. And kudos to you for stepping in and caring so much for your granddaughter.

      Make sure you call to save your spot and to tell them which sessions you want to attend. The number is 303.432.5156.

  2. Candice Harner-Neff says:

    My two choises are: Empowering Successful Kids; Raising Confident, Caring Young People and
    The Teen Years: Framing Boundries and Expectations.

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