Free Carmex at Walgreen’s!

carmex lime vanilla Free Carmex at Walgreens!Through Saturday 9.3.11, Walgreen’s is selling the new Carmex lip balm flavors (vanilla and lime twist) for $1.50 each PLUS giving you a register reward of $1.50 at checkout – basically making it free.

To make the most of this deal – here are some details you need to know:

  1. You will only get one Register Reward (RR) per sale regardless of how many lip balms you buy; therefore, purchase each one in a separate transaction.
  2. If you use your Carmex RR to purchase the next tube of Carmex, you won’t get another RR – so don’t use your RR’s to buy the same item.
  3. If you don’t want to hold onto the RR’s until next week, consider buying Planter’s peanut butter for $0.75 ($1.50 each minus $0.75 MQ from 8/21 SS), chicken broth for $0.69 each (use in-ad coupon), or some school supplies.

Here are some other Carmex coupons for your to print out too!

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