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coupons 300x250 Coupons Help Troops OverseasThe troops hold a special place in my heart, for many reasons, but most personally for what my husband experienced before he met me.

My husband joined the Marines straight out of high school.  He was 19 when his on again/off again girlfriend told him she was pregnant.  After the baby was born, to say it was a struggle to make ends meet is putting it lightly.  His son’s mom was 18 and waiting tables, he was 20 and on the bottom of the enlisted pay scale.

To help with the bills, one weekend they went to Vegas and got married because the Marines paid a married man slightly more than a single one.   Then he was deployed to Japan for 9 months, leaving his new family in the States to be close to his mom and his mother in law so they could help with the baby.  While he was overseas, his second son was born.

I can’t imagine being 1,000′s of miles away from my family for 9 months, especially with a new baby on the way.  It was tough.  They made ends meet somehow.  Sometimes it was by working 2 and 3 jobs.  Sometimes it was with assistance from WIC or family members.  But they survived.

This struggle to feed your family, to clothe them, to pay for diapers, is not unusual among our troops.

One way we can help is to send all those expired coupons or coupons we’re not going to use over to a family.  They get to use them for 6 months past their expiration date, so rather than adding them to a landfill somewhere, I have decided to start sending my coupons to a military family once a month.  I will make an effort to let you know which ones have expired if you’d like to send yours too.

For example, P&G inserts are only good for one month. So, every time you get a new P&G insert the old one is likely expired.  Therefore, the first week of the month is when I intend to send my coupons and will round up the expired ones from other inserts too. I’d love it if some of you joined me.

Here are two good resources if you’d like to adopt a family, or just learn more:

Coupons to Troops Facebook (on the left sidebar is an application to adopt a family)

Anyone already doing this?

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