July Wealth Building Report

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We’re into month 5 of this new venture of mine to take control of our finances and grow our wealth one dollar at a time.  To clarify, only the dollars saved because of new behaviors since starting this blog are counting toward the Saving to be Rich results.

Total Saved on Groceries = $642.37  (53%)

Total saved from a combination of store sales and coupons is shown above.  Only the dollars saved from coupons I clipped are being counted toward the wealth building account however.  My reasoning being that I would have bought the items on sale anyway (store savings) and the only extra I earned is the coupons I clipped.

Total Saved Using Coupons = $191.09

Added to Wealth Building Account – $191.09

**I’ve chosen to stop showing copies of my receipts because it becomes pretty time intensive to upload them all to my blog – but please leave a comment if you’d like to see me post those again.  I want to stay accountable and have everything be transparent.  

Unfortunately the stock market has dropped significantly in recent weeks.  My only consolation is that I sold my stocks on July 29th, thereby protecting myself from the worst of the drops.  But it’s still a negative ding this month.

Wealth Building Account – subtract 205.97

Craigslist – $70

I sold a couch and two chairs that were sitting for free on the curb.  Invested cost was $0, so profit = $70.

Wealth Building Account – Plus $70

Piggy Bank Savings

When I paid cash for things I put the change in coins into a piggy bank.  During July I deposited that money into my kids’ college accounts.

Wealth Building Account – Plus $32.10

Added to STBR Wealth Building Acct = $87.22

How did you do this month?

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  1. I’m so impressed! You’re doing great!
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