Flip Camera Giveaway!

GPBA Flip 3 207x300 Flip Camera Giveaway!T. Rowe Price has generously offered to provide a flip camera to one lucky reader. They just want to know if you find it difficult to talk to your kids about finances – that’s it! Very easy entry. Head over here for the details:
Flip Camera (ends 8/18)

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  1. We seriously feel like we’re banging our heads against the wall with this issue. They could care less about money. Because we split time with their dad, it’s tough to have them do chores on top of all of their school work during the week. They go to their dad’s on the weekend. They have 7 grandparents which buy them anything they want for Christmas and their Birthdays – they want for NOTHING! We created a “menu” of chores they could do and listed the amount they’d make if they did it. Aaaaaand NOTHING! Let me know how to do this with our arrangement!
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    • Daria says:

      Not too sure. My 7 year old son is doing great with saving and making wise purchases. My 9 year old doesn’t care at all and spends $7 on fake nails every time she goes to Target – where the $7 is coming from, I’m not quite sure. I want to encourage them to spend wisely, but not be so anxious about spending that they become Scrooge. It’s a tough one for sure!

  2. Mary says:

    Liked “Saving to be Rich” on Facebook.

  3. Lonnie says:

    Nice info!

    It’s still 8th of august.. Guess I still make it to try on this one! :)
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