Swagbucks- What is it? Is it worth it?

 Swagbucks  What is it? Is it worth it? A friend asked me what Swagbucks is and if I recommended it.  Since I do, I thought I’d share with you all too.

Here’s the official language:

Be rewarded for being online with SWAG BUCKS, the web’s premiere digital dollar! Swag Bucks are fun and easy to earn, and can be redeemed for FREE prizes like autographs, mp3s, apparel, even consumer electronics like iPods and plasma TVs! No credit card required! Click Here

Here’s my experience:

I signed up for Swagbucks last summer and within 3 months had 1800 points.  That was enough to redeem for $15 iTunes GC or $100 in Restaurant.com certificates.   The best part is that I earned these points by doing nothing more than using the Swagbucks toolbar to search the internet like I would normally do with Google or another search engine.  Nothing special about it, just install the toolbar and use it when you want to look something up.   That’s it!

I haven’t actually redeemed my points yet – I want to save up for that 3D TV!  So I can’t tell you how the redemption process works from personal experience, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about how painless the process is.

Have you tried Swagbucks?  What do you think of it?

3 Responses to Swagbucks- What is it? Is it worth it?

  1. I’d heard of swagbucks but I didn’t really understand its benefits. Thanks for cluing me in!

  2. Kelly says:

    I have been using swagbucks for about 2 years and I always just get the $5 amazon gift card codes. I put the money into my amazon account and at Christmas time I usually have an extra hundred bucks to shop with. Simple, painless and great fun to shop with free money!!

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