June 2011 – Wealth Building Report

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Here are my 4th month’s results in this new venture of mine to take control of our finances and grow our wealth one dollar at a time.  To clarify, only the dollars saved because of new behaviors since starting this blog are counting toward the Saving to be Rich results.

Grocery Coupons = $188.75

Total saved is shown above.  This does not include Only the dollars saved from coupons I clipped are being counted.  My reasoning being that I would have bought the items on sale anyway (store savings) and the only extra I earned is the coupons I clipped.

Added to Wealth Building Account – $38.70

Rentals =$876

$1,025 minus $149 expense (window)

Assuming we don’t have expenses, our two rentals cash flow $1,025 each month. This too is not added into the wealth building account, but is instead used for monthly expenses.  This is because we had already adopted a lifestyle that included relying on these funds prior to me starting the wealth building project.

Stocks = $116.54

Finally we are seeing some upward trends for CAT and CTSH.  Unfortunately they are not back to the price I paid for them and are definitely not growing at a pace that will meet my goals of Saving to be Rich.  Therefore, this month I will trade them out for what I hope are better prospects.  These are both large cap stocks and to see the gains I want for this project I really need to be investing in some small caps which have greater risk, but also greater potential reward.  However, I will gladly take a plus this month!

Wealth Building Account – 116.54

Craigslist – $20

I sold a dinosaur sand box that was sitting for free on the curb.  Invested cost was $0, so profit = $20.

Wealth Building Account – Plus $20

Overall June 2011 = $1,201

STBR Wealth Building Acct = $175.24

How did you do?  Any successes or concerns to share?  Questions you’d like answered?

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