A YEAR of FREE Secret Deoderant

logo A YEAR of FREE Secret Deoderant The first five fans to go here will get a year’s supply of Secret deodorant!  (must be registered with Klout – it’s free to join)  I just signed up to get my free supply from Klout!  Much thanks to Maria at Tough Cookie Mommy for including me in this!

5 Responses to A YEAR of FREE Secret Deoderant

  1. Tiff2607 says:

    Im wondering if this is one of those too good to be true things. Please post if you get it =)

  2. Of course it is a real giveaway! I would never hook my good friend up, Daria with a bogus prize. I also received my 4 deodorants today of Secret Clinical Strength and they smell great!!!

    • Daria says:

      I had some idea in my head that clinical wouldn’t smell good or would be extra sticky or something – but I’ve used mine for a week and LOVE it! The smell is amazing!

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