Sunflower Market (6/8 to 6/15) Sunflower Market (6/8 to 6/15)Sunflower is a relatively recent discovery of mine and besides farmer’s markets is my favorite place to buy fresh produce.  The deals are amazing!

What I’m Buying:

Red Seedless Grapes – $0.59/lb

Chicken Sausage & Brats – $1.99/lb

- my kids like these better than Johnsonville Brats! This is the lowest price I’ve seen them go and so we will be stocking our freezer for sure.

Red Bell Peppers – $0.77 each

Broccoli Bunches – $0.77/lb

Cherries – $2.49/lb

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $0.77

Other Deals:

Sunflower Cereal $1.99

Strawberries (1lb), Blackberries(6oz) & Raspberries(6oz) $2.50

Cantaloupe & Honeydew $1.50 each

Mini Watermelons $2.50

Soy Joy Bars $0.50

Plums $1.50/lb

Fresh Express Lettuce & Spinach Bags $1.50

2 Responses to Sunflower Market (6/8 to 6/15)

  1. Catherine says:

    I am a big Sunflower fan. Their bulk bins and inexpensive produce and cage free eggs and meat sales make me so happy. I always stock up on their chicken sausage when it goes on sale, I love the the variety in flavors.

    • Daria says:

      It’s only $1.99 this week – I just bought 2 lbs because they were out of the chicken brats which is what my kids really like, but I plan to swing by again this weekend and see if they stocked up. I walked out of there with 6 large bags of food – 2lbs of sausage and family pack of chicken fillets included and only spent $33. It’s amazing!

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