May 2011 – Wealth Building Report

piggy 300x300 May 2011   Wealth Building ReportPassive Income & Savings

Here is my 3rd month’s results in this new venture of mine to take control of our finances and grow our wealth one dollar at a time.

Grocery Coupons = $188.51

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For the wealth building account, I am only depositing the coupon savings that I “earned” via couponing.  My reasoning being that I would have bought the items on sale anyway and the only extra I earned is the coupons.

Added to Wealth Building Account – $83.95

Company Stock  = $7,920

I purchased 250 shares of my company stock in January and they were sold back to me in May with a 24% increase in value.

Total profit – $7,920 but this is not going into the wealth account and is instead going toward paying our mortgage ahead a few months.

Rentals = $1,025

Assuming we don’t have expenses, our two rentals cash flow $1,025 each month. This too is not added into the wealth building account, but is instead used for monthly expenses.  This is because we had already adopted a lifestyle that included relying on these funds prior to me starting the wealth building project.

Stocks = ($152)

CAT and CTSH continue to decrease in value.  I will have to take a longer look at them this month and decide what to do – whether hold or sell and invest in something else.

Wealth Building Account – Negative $152

Craigslist – $70

I sold a Schwinn Mag Trainer and a Cricut Cartridge on Craigslist for $50 and $20 respectively.  I purchased both with the intention of reselling them.  Invested cost was $35, so profit = $35.

Wealth Building Account – Plus $35

Overall May 2011 – decrease of $33.05 – for wealth building account – plus $9,050 from all passive income & saving sources.

How did you do?  Any successes or concerns to share?

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