Lawry’s Marinade $0.19 & Sunburst Tomatoes $1.50

IMAG0227 300x179 Lawrys Marinade $0.19 & Sunburst Tomatoes $1.50I just went to King Soopers and found a few unadvertised deals:

Lawry’s Marinades – $1.69

-minus peely on select bottles for $1 off

-minus King Soopers eCoupon $0.50

Final = $0.19 – of course I bought more than one bottle because $0.69 is a great price too!


Sunburst Tomatoes - $2.50

-minus $1 coupon from Sunflower (I picked up a few last week when shopping – think they are still there.  Check right by the tomatoes section they were nailed to the wood of the bin displaying the Sunburst tomatoes.)

Final = $1.50

7 Responses to Lawry’s Marinade $0.19 & Sunburst Tomatoes $1.50

  1. Chris Bird says:

    You are such a good shoppper! We’ve been meaning to try Sunflower Market, their advertised prices aren’t bad at all!

    • Daria says:

      I LOVE Sunflower. I came home with 3 full bags of produce for $11 last week! This week I’m definitely going there for peaches.

  2. Connie Weiss says:

    Thanks for the tip on tomatoes! My kids eat them like candy!

  3. daria says:

    Connie, there r coupons in some of the recent Sunday paper inserts too if u r a couponer. I forget which one…

  4. You’re quite the extreme couponer! This is a great deal!

    • Daria says:

      Lol – my kids asked if I was going to be on the TV show. I don’t even come close to those levels, but saving money is addicting for sure! And definitely helps with both hubs and I out of work.

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