April 2011 – Wealth Building Report

piggy 300x300 April 2011   Wealth Building ReportExtra Savings & Earnings


This has been a difficult month for me to track extra earnings.  I had taken pictures of receipts with coupon savings on my phone, but then my phone went on the fritz and I didn’t download the photos before replacing it.  Oops.

Although I did have grocery savings, I am not going to take credit for them due to this mess up.


I also received a dividend check from company stock I purchased in January.  Nice surprise! But since I used it for tires and vacation, I am not including it in my building wealth account.

So, for April I am 0 for 2.


We have two rental houses.  One is rented for $375 more than our mortgage and the other is rented for $750 more than the mortgage.  However, last month we had to replace a garage door at $660, so our income was reduced.  I do not credit this income in the wealth building account because while my husband is unemployed we are relying on it to cover our expenses.  Ultimately my plan is to have rental income directly contributing to retirement/college accounts.


With that said, this month’s progress is solely reliant on the two stocks I purchased recently.  The two stocks  - CAT and CTSH – have had fantastic earnings increases.

  • CAT recently reported a 426% increase in profit this quarter over this same quarter last year.
  • CTSH recently reported a 42.9% revenue increase over the previous year and all other indicators are stronger this year than last also.

However, both stocks have declined since purchase.   The account value is now $2,070.82.

April 2011 – decrease of $21.68.

How did you do?  Any successes or concerns to share?

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