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I recently wrote this post (Mad $ Tip #2) about how I’ve made some extra pocket money by being a mystery shopper.   I had a number of responses asking for more details about the specific companies I work with since so many of the advertisements seem to be scams.    So here are the details:

Companies I use to be a Mystery Shopper

  1. The firspiggyBankNonAnimated1 Mystery Shopping Tipst site I recommend is Mystery Shopping Providers Association.  It is a international organization that lists legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies.  I searched for the ones in the US and 136 companies were returned by the query.   When I saw an ad to be a mystery shopper, I went to this list to make sure they were on it before I applied.
  2. Goodwin & Associates and have completed a couple of shops with them.  I haven’t actually been reimbursed for our expenses yet though because they have a 90 day turn around time.
  3. Sassie Mystery Shopping Systems.
  4. Market Force.
  5. Quality Assessments Mystery Shopping.  I haven’t shopped with them yet.  Don’t seem to have a lot of open shops near me.
  6. Certified Field Associate (a division of Market Force).

Some things I’ve learned:

  • I’ve decided that I really like the fast food shops.  You will need a phone or stopwatch for these because they are very interested in food delivery time (to the second).
  • I don’t like to do audits (price checking food items at grocery stores).  It is very time consuming.
  • I love getting reimbursed to go have dinner with my hubby.  Plus we get the whole “secret shopper” adrenaline rush feeling like we’re playing at secret service agent or something.
  • It is against MSPA guidelines to reveal which companies work with which clients (or how much they pay).  I didn’t know that until this post actually – after I broke both of those rules!  Jackie at pointed it out to me and I am so glad she did!

There are tons of other companies out there.  What is your experience?  Have you found a legitimate mystery shopping company that pays more money?  Or has really fun opportunities?

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  1. Alice says:

    Been wanting to become a mystery shopper but I never seem to have time for it! lol! But thanks for this info. I’ll check these companies out. :)
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